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The winners...

Mrs Leonard $100.00
Mrs Kinnealey $50.00
Mrs Johnson $20.00
Miss Bonegre $20.00
anonymous $20.00
Mrs Woody $20.00
Ms Mui $20.00
Ms Leyva $20.00
Miss Hannah $20.00
Miss leon $10.00
Mrs Pimpiano $10.00
Miss Henriquez $10.00
Mrs Janowski $10.00
Mrs Hoffman $10.00
Mrs Duprel $10.00
Mrs Yoder $10.00
anonymous $10.00
Ms Matteau $10.00
Ms Dillon $10.00
Mrs Dzuba $10.00
Miss Henriquez $5.00
Mrs Park $5.00
Miss Harlow $5.00
Mrs Kacey Shaneyfelt $5.00
Ms Stone $5.00
Mrs Lail $5.00
Mrs Lenhardt $5.00
anonymous $5.00
Mrs Luong $5.00
Mrs Wagner $5.00
Miss Reyes-Olapade $5.00
Ms Itibus $5.00
Mrs Wages $5.00
Mrs Park $5.00
Ms Bierschwale $5.00
Miss Ney $5.00
Ms Yang $5.00
Ms Mahler $5.00
Mrs Gitzel $5.00
Miss Tempest $5.00

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For every survey you complete you will be awarded either a fixed payment (minimum $1 per survey) or you will be awarded a number of entries into a prize draw.

There will be a minimum of $500 available in prize draws every month.

All payments are by PayPal (please note that you do not need to have an existing PayPal account to request payment via this method).

Payments for surveys can be cashed in when your account has reached $5

Payments can only be cashed in multiples of $5.

Prize draws will be made on the last day of every month. If you are a winner of a prize you will be notified by e-mail. The e-mail will also ask if you are willing to let your details be published on our website. You are under no obligation to do this and it will not in any way affect your chances of winning, however it is helpful for other members to see the list of prizewinners.